Master Electrician License for Rent: Things You Need to Know

Do you know what the meaning of a Master Electrician is? Master electrician means the person who has spent many years improving and demonstrating his skills as a journeyman. After that, he achieves the license of a master electrician.

A master electrician has many responsibilities such as lighting designer, overseeing the wire system installation, designing routing for the circuits, and acquiring permits for installation.

It is quite different from the journeyman; a journeyman can only work as an independent worker. While a master electrician can obtain permits and, as a leader, can supervise other workers on a job site.

If you want to know more about Master electrician, How to get its license, and Can you rent a master electrician license? Then you are in the right place.

We will provide you with complete information in this article master electrician license for rental.

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What is the Scope of the Master Electrician Job?

If we discuss the scope or future of a master electrician, research revealed that a master electrician earns 70000$ to 100000$ annually.

We find an upward slope for the master electrician requirement in the year 2020. Compared with the previous decade’s demand, a 23% increase in need of a master electrician is needed.

New energy sources and fields are emerging, and their demand is rising with time. If you choose a master electrician as a career, you have an excellent opportunity to earn handsomely.

What is the Required Qualification?

For getting a master electrician license, one’s needed a four years apprenticeship education. During this session, he takes 144 hours of tech training and more than 2000 hours of job training. 

After completing his education, he will be able to apply for a journeyman license. He needed to work as a journeyman for four years. Next to that, on completing four years as a journeyman, he will be eligible to apply for a master electrician license.

But it is a legal requirement in many states that you should have licensure for getting a master electrician license.

How to Get a Master Electrician License?

There are some minimum requirements for getting a master electrician license.

  • Your age should be more than 18 years.
  • You should have a minimum of four years’ experience in the electrical trade.
  • You should pass the master electrician exams.

What areas experience counts?

If you have four years’ experience in the following areas, you are eligible for getting a master electrician license.

  • You work as a journeyman electrician under a valid qualification certificate.
  • You have experience working as a trade electrician, such as domestic and rural areas, construction, and maintenance electricians with a valid qualification certificate.
  • Worked for a license holder contractor.

Master Electrician License for rent:

It has become common in most states that people who retire or are unable to work due to some problems give their license to others for rent.

People also take it as a shortcut to enjoy master electricians’ benefits, just paying a monthly or annual stipend to license holders.

It may be ok, but till that time when nothing unwanted happened. If there is some problem, then the license holder will face everything.

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How to get a master electrician license for rent:

If you have an electrician experience, but you want some extra, you can get the master electrician license from a retired or other people who do not want to work.

It is simple to get on rent; it is witnessed that people always need the money, and they try to benefit from anything they have.

When a retired person who needs money for meeting his expenses gets this opportunity, he mostly agrees to rent his license. You need to pay a stipend monthly or annually. With a simple contract, you can get this license.

What are the Risks of renting a master electrician license?

Do you know what the meaning of renting your license to another person is? It means you own all the responsibilities of the work that he will do.

You are putting your license and name on another man’s work. If, due to his shoddy work, if someone’s house, office, or factory burn, you must go through legal action.

You will lose your reputation, and even you can face the cancellation of your license. So it is better to avoid how you can hand over your license to a person who cannot get it on his own.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Question 1: Are government employees needed to have an electrician’s license?

Answer: Yes. If an employee is performing electrical work, then he must need a license as electricians.

Question 2: Can we Rent a Master Electrician license?

Answer: Yes (legal in some states), but it is risky because we will be responsible for everything in case of any issue.

Question 3: Is it Legal to Rent Master Electrician License?

Master Electrician license for rent in most of the states is not legal. In some countries, it is reciprocated to rent but not in most states.

Question 4: What is the future of becoming a Master Electrician?

Answer: Master electrician has a very bright future. The research revealed that their average annual income is 60,000$ to 100,000$. Its demand increases by 23% in 2020. With new energy resources, their demand is rising.

Question 5. How long is the master electrician?

So you want to be a master electrician, right? To gain this certification, you need to achieve extensive knowledge and skills, and know-how to install electrical equipment.

When you are enduring 4 years of apprenticeship, you will turn to be a journeyman. To become a master electrician, you should further complete 4,000 hours or about 2 years of work experience as a journeyman.

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6. Why are electricians called journeymen?     

The term “journeyman” was the old word which got to be used in the medieval trade guilds. At that time, a Journeyman got a salary daily.

While the word “journey” comes from journée, which means “day” in the French language, a journeyman is a type of worker in the familiar name.

If you look into the electricians’ jobs, you can only find that they are daily wage earners to call them journeymen in this sense.


Master Electrician license is compulsory if you want to become a leader or supervisor of a working group in the electrical working job site. But here the question was about master electrician license for rental.

It is a trend that some retired persons prefer to rent a master electrician license. We have tried our best to provide you complete detail about a master electrician license and how to get and rent in the above content.

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