How to use Fluke Multimeter to Measure Voltage, Current, Resistance And Ampere

Looking at a fluke multimeter, you will notice three red port and one black port. Depending on one whatever you want to measure, you have to use the standard black with any of the other three red port. If you are new to a multimeter, this will help you on how to use fluke multimeter without stress.

Now back to using a fluke multimeter. If you are trying to measure a voltage or resistance, you should do with the black hole and the red hole at the right side. The other two at the left can be used to measure Ampere, mini amperage, and micro amperage.

The next thing you will see is the control on the multimeter. It has on its different measures, and you just have to move the command to the exact one you want to use for measurement. To make use of the device, you need a black and red lead.

Whatever you do with the fluke multimeter makes sure you understand that the black is the standard port while the other three reds are different functions. To read or measure any function, you need to insert the black and red lead into each port.

If you want to measure the voltage or resistance, you must have the black-led in the black port while the red lead in the red port. Thereafter, you move the control to the voltage or resistance point, and then you can apply the head of both lead on the device you want to measure.

If you wrongly place the head of the lead, you are never going to get the right result. It is why you should ensure you have the common to the black and the red to the other part of the measuring device.

To measure the voltage and resistance

resistance Measure

If you are going to measure the voltage and resistance, you can measure both from the same red port on the right side of the common port known as black. There it is written on the fluke multimeter voltage and resistance.

Just insert the red lead into the right place and the black into the common and take your readings while you have the control on the appropriate function.




To measure Ampere

If you carefully take a look at the fluke multimeter, you will find two other red ports on the left side of the common port. The one at the extreme is being used to measure higher Ampere that are above 10 Amps, and the second that is closer to the common black port is being used to measure mili-amps and micro-amps.



Above, you have the simple trick on how you can use your fluke multimeter. Also, before using it, you must ensure the battery is intact. Once the battery is fully charged, you can go ahead to measure whatever you want to measure. Please note, make sure you have the standard reading on zero before you start taking any readings from the device.

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