How to Use a Spindle Sander

Yes, sanding is a tough job when you need to use your hands. But a spindle sander has changed the game of sanding in this era! You don’t need to rub the workpieces to make it smooth anymore! This device will do your job and will do it better than you!

To provide a smooth and flat finish to your wood pieces, we have come up with an easy method of how to use a spindle sander! If you have one in your house, it is the right time to make use of it!

Let us learn how to deal with a spindle sander and make sanding work effortless!

Step by Step Using a Spindle Saner

No, you do not need to move your hands to get smooth finishes nowadays! Now, you can easily use a spindle sander to make the pieces flat and smooth. How? Let us learn!

Step 1: The Preparation

Before you start the working process, first, you need to work on the preparation of the process. For this process, you will require some specific tools and objects. Get the right spindle sander for you. If you don’t have one, you can go through WoodworkerHelp; it reviews all the top-rated spindle sanders so that you can pick up the right one!

Along with this, you have to prepare the area where you are going to work! Get enough spindles to start the process. This completely depends on the size. Apart from these basic preparations, you have to work on the safety gears here too! Get the necessary gears to protect your body and reduce all sorts of damage.

Step 2: Marking

When you want to learn about how to use a spindle sander, you must mark the workpieces properly. If you do not put marks, you won’t be able to understand the circumference. Also, the depth is vital. For all the good causes, marking the wood piece is a requirement.

You might think that you can work with it without marking. But in that situation, the measurement will not be accurate. And to increase the accuracy, get a pencil and put marks on your wood piece.

Step 3: The Right Drum Size

If you have used a spindle sander before, you will surely know about the drum sizes of the sander. Yes, the sander has so many drum sizes. However, the summary of your spindle sander is the rotating drum. The accurate measurement of the curves will help you here.

First of all, take the perfect measurement of the curves. With this process, you will be capable of choosing a rotating drum with an accurate diameter. For this, you have to get your hands on a measurement tape. If you want, pick out a smaller drum and start your sanding process.

However, mostly, people pick up the bigger one when it comes to choosing the drum. If you are a beginner, we will recommend you to settle for the bigger ones because they are beginner-friendly.

Step 4: Adding Sanding Sheet

In some cases, the drums of the spindle sander include no sandpaper. When it comes to using a spindle sander, you will surely require a sanding sheet. First of all, check the drum and if there is sandpaper, you can skip to the next step and start sanding.

However, if you find that there is no sandpaper, you have to add it manually! Before starting the process, get sandpaper and add it with the drum. While picking up the sandpaper, the right side of the paper is necessary.

Also, if you do not go through the right grit, this can harm you too! Go for the right size and the right grit when it comes to sandpaper choosing.

Step 5: Start Sanding

Now that you have prepared the equipment and the sanding sheet with the right size and grit, you can start your sanding process without any complications. If you think that the work of sanding will be done within minutes, you are wrong!

This method takes time and so, you have to be patient. While working on this process, you have to be gentle, slow, and smooth. Keep in mind that you cannot force too much pressure on your spindle sander. Do not push. All you have to do is wait for the rotating drum to make things work. Don’t forget to keep the wood piece in one direction. Keep holding it carefully.

Make sure you have a good grip on the workpiece until it touches your created mark. After reaching this point, you have to change the direction. Certify that the edges are equal on every side.

Wrap Up

So, now, you already know how you can use a spindle sander without providing too much effort! The whole process is mentioned above. All you need to do is gather the equipment, prepare the sanding sheet and start sanding. And don’t forget to be slow and steady!

Have you ever tried this method of sanding? Yes, there are other methods of sanding too! We have listed the other methods and explained them too! Check out sites to learn more!

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