How to use a multi tool?

Do you know about electrician multitool? You may think about the pocket tools which are compact and useful for different purposes. But only a pocket tool is not enough for you if you are an electrician.

Your job is riskier and requires efficiency but with safety measures. If you are an electrician, you need a good electrician multitool to complete electricity-related tasks with only one tool.

An electrician multitool is designed to provide safety and make you able to finish your electricity-related jobs efficiently. You may find many sturdy, versatile, efficient electrician tools in the market, but you need a careful selection.

What is a multitool?

It can be any tool that is designed to contain multiple tools. Leatherman introduced multitool in 1983; then, after its popularity, many new manufacturers also introduced multi tool.

A multitool contains screwdrivers, scissors, and folding pliers with knife blades. Basically, these were pocket tools, but with time, more electric-working modern tools expand in sizes, and they cannot fit in a pocket now.

What are the features of a quality electrician multitool?

  • When you are in the market, you may find hundreds of multitools varieties, but you need a wise selection. It would help if you bought an electrician multitool, which is suitable according to your electric jobs. Below features should consider while searching for a good quality multitool.
  • Consider the durability of multitool, only a durable multitool can help you complete tough electricity related jobs with safety and ease.
  • The second feature that is necessary to consider is its functionality: always try to purchase that multitool with all the required tools you need to complete your job.
  • Never buy an electrician multitool that is difficult to use; always try to buy a multitool simple to use and easy access to all available tools.
  • Compact design will also make your multitool suitable for several purposes.
  • As your electricity-related jobs are tough and need simple and lightweight tools, try to buy a lightweight multitool. When you use that multitool then you should feel comfortable holding it firmly during work.

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How to use electrician multitool & What are the uses of electrician multitool?

An electrician multitool has many tools that make them suitable for different tasks. But how can you use these multitool could easily explain by discussing its available tools.

A multitool for electric jobs may contain many tools, but some important tools must be combined in a multitool for electric works. Electronics multi tool contains screwdrivers, scissors, straight blades, tongue and groove pliers, wrench, and voltage tester.


An electrician always needs a screwdriver, so a screwdriver in your multitool will allow you to perform different installation and removal tasks. Screwdriver helps you complete the installation and removal of cover plates, switches, outlets, and many other devices.

But you need an insulating rubber cover to make it safe to use while working switched on places. If there is no proper insulation cover, then you should wear insulating material manufactured gloves.


Scissors in the multitool help cut the wires and cut larger wires and points you may need blades. But small and thin wires can cut with available scissors easily and quickly.

Straight blades

Straight blades also helpful at many points when you cannot complete your job through the use of screwdrivers; when you need to use the straight blades, use carefully, close all other tools and only use straight blades and keep them open.

These blades are very sharp, so when you finish your job, close them properly before using other tools; otherwise, it may hurt you.

Tongue and groove pliers

A multitool for electric works also contains tongue and groove pliers; it is suitable for electric plumbing works. It is also useful for removing knockouts from the electric metal boxes, adjusting the expansion, ceiling fan boxes, and tightening cable clamps.

Utility knife

An electrician multitool also contains a utility knife, which is simple to use and helpful for different cutting purposes. You can use a utility knife to cut sheathing, non-metallic cables, and electric tapes and open the cardboard boxes.


A wrench is also an important tool in an electrical multitool, which is essential for different tighten tasks. You can use a wrench to tighten hex-head screws for light fixtures and other appliances. It is good if your multitool has a standard and metric size wrench, but if one, then a standard size wrench is good.

Non-contact voltage tester

A tester for voltage is compulsory in an electrician job; it is necessary to check the voltage before working. You can make better analysis and can take safety measures to make your job complete with safety.

So when you are working, and you need to touch any electric item, test the voltage to ensure no electricity, and it is now safe to work. A good quality tester offers non-contact features; you do not need to touch it with the electric surface. Just take it close to the electric surface; it will detect the voltage.

Wire strippers

Wire strippers are also an essential tool to contain in a multitool to make it suitable for an electrician. It would help if you had wire strippers to complete many jobs at home and professionally.

Wire strippers are helpful to cut the wires and strip the insulation from electrical wires. There are many rows of gauged holes for stripping wires to make them suitable for different wires.

What is a multi tool used for?

You many about multitools, but an electrician multitool is a tool that makes it suitable for you to complete a variety of electric jobs with only one tool.

An electrician multitool contains a wrench, wire strippers, scissors, utility knife, non-contact voltage tester, pliers, straight blades, and screwdrivers. There can be many other tools when you buy excellent quality multitool.

It helps to cut wires, cut electric tapes, and remove and install different purposes such as cover plates, outlets, and switches. You can test the voltage to ensure safety while using. A multitool makes you able to complete most of your electrical assignments with only one tool.


An electrician multitool contains many tools that make it suitable for electric works. A good quality electric multitool makes it possible for you to complete your electricity-related jobs quickly and safely but in a perfect way. A multitool helps you to do your tasks with only one tool without carrying the weight of separate tools.

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