Step By Step Guide: How To Strip Copper Wire By Hand

Copper wire stripping could be easy for you when the right techniques are used. You will find cases where people try it wrong, causing plenty of damages to the wire to an end.

So that you cannot reuse the wires for the aims you are intended for. Besides, a wrong way of striping wire can also cause injury to the people handling the job. This is why it is significant to strip the wire in the best possible way.

Today we will talk about the method of striping copper wire safely and accurately by hand. Let’s take a look at the ways on How to strip copper wire by hand.

You will find different wires for scraping needs which are better than others. Usually, having a larger wire is useful for scraping purposes. Let’s discuss the different types of copper wires below.

1. 500MCM+ Cabling:

500MCM+ Cabling is easy to remove. When it comes to dealing with robust electricity transport, you will find this wire excellent.

2. Spaghetti Wire:

Spaghetti Wire is the most familiar one for scraping purposes which you may find in the electrical components.

3. 250-500MCM Cabling:

250-500MCM Cabling is easy to strip and comparatively thick.

Step by step process: How to strip copper wire by hand

What you need:

  • Your hand
  • A knife
  • Copper wire
  • A marker

Method 1: stripping copper wire by hand

Step 1 (Hold a knife and place it on the right spot on the wire):

  • Firstly, manage a utility knife and hold it on your hand as it can gently lie on the wire
  • Place the wire on a flat surface.
  • Fix the position of the knife by using your one hand about 2 or 3 cm. from one end of the wire.
  • Before cutting the wire allows the knife set on the right spot on the wire you want to strip.

Step 2 (spin the wire or cable beneath the blade to get the insulation):

  • Now hold the knife with one hand
  • Spin the wire by using the other hand as the blade performs around the insulation covering

Pro tip 1: Never press hard on the wire with the knife. You can separate the insulation cover and cut the metal conductors.

Pro tip 2: Before applying the right amount of pressure, you might need some practice. You may try this process on the scrap cables first.

Step 3 (curve the cable and cut off the insulation)

Now you need to curve the wire at the marked line and cut off the insulation. After cutting all the way (around the insulation covering), you could do a bit more work to strip the wire or cable.

  • Curve the head of the wire up and down to cut off the score thoroughly
  • When you cut the insulation (at the marked line), glide it off the head of the cable.

Note: You should bend and cut the wire carefully if you want to use it once again in another electrical project.

Method 2: stripping copper wire by hand

Alternatively, you may use the natural sun to make the outer insulation pliable. Let’s see how you can do the process.

  • Put the wiring in the sunshine
  • During the sunniest part of the day leave the wire there
  • Get the wire before the sun sets
  • Now start your hand stripping when they are at their most flexible

Pro Tip: When it comes to stripping copper wire by hand, many people suggest that you can make the insulation more flexible by using the heat to the wiring.

Also applying heat to the wiring makes it easier to remove the covering from the wire. Nevertheless, you should not burn the copper wire to ease the removal process more accessible.  

This will cause injury and damage the integrity of the copper wire.

Note: Choosing the stripping machine could be the best way to deal with a bulk copper wiring.

Also, you should read the manual to know how to use the tool before getting started. You may get injured if you do not have the proper idea.  

Advantageous of Copper wire:


You will find some copper wires like tinsel copper wire and bare copper wire which are competing with one another.


The presence of high tensile Copper Ore makes copper wire heavy and robust. The wire with good strength is ideal for use in services like telecommunication. They work excellent for transferring signal across the long distance.


Copper wire is pliable in nature. You can mould, strip and blend it easily according to your needs. The flexible cable is ideal for industries like construction & marine.


Copper wire has excellent fame as the second-highest conductive element. It is the most demanded wire for industries due to its thermal conductivity & high electrical features. Besides, the Copper wire is affordable than silver wire.

Melting Point:

Copper wire is well-known for its high melting point. It is suitable for projects such as construction & electrical.

Copper Wire Stripping – What to Avoid

1. Avoid damaging the wires:

When cutting the insulation, ensure that you carefully do it. Always avoid damaging the wires you have for stripping needs.

You should ensure that you never finish up cutting the wire with bending for a condition. It is also essential to keep the wire below is the right condition.

2. Avoid burning wire:

Burning the wire is the harmful way of removing insulation, to the environment and people. You may achieve your goal by burning it, but it leaves a messy wire.

3. Avoid hammering:

Another trick that many people choose while stripping the wire is hammering. This system needs huge time and energy, which can cause damage.

Besides, hammering the wire makes it impossible to reuse the wire.


There you have the process of how to strip copper wire by hand. Copper wire is familiar as a noble metal which is used for many purposes. The great advantage of using copper wire is that it is recyclable.

So striping the wire carefully (without causing any damage) is essential. We hope, after following the above mentioned (manual) tips and techniques, you would strip copper wire successfully.

                         Strip the wire by hand and get the job done.

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