How to Organize a Tool Box

A tool box is the collection of necessary tools that everybody needs to get their job done. The simplest definition of a tool box can be a storage or a hutch of any sizes that contains all the important equipment we need.

By this definition, we can recall that wooded, plastic box present in our home. However, sometimes this magical box creates chaos, such as you cannot find out some tools you need at that particular moment. This creates a delay in your work at the same time kind of irritation on your mind.

Well, the easy solution to this may be you need to organize your tool box orderly. A nicely decorated and organized tool box is what everyone needs to minimize all the struggle.

So, no wonder you need to stick to this article, as this will provide you with ways to “how to organize portable tool box”.

Top ways of how to organize a tool box

Buying a tool chest may be easy, yet you need to place these mechanic tools properly for easy maintenance. Before you get the ball rolling, first make a list of all your mechanic tools according to their sizes, purposes and function.

The best way to organize them is to categorize these tools in order to SAE and Metric tools standard. You need to organize them according to your requirement; thus, you will find them quickly whenever you need them.

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First, choose the wooden or plastic box best suitable for your needs.

Select the perfect box that will fit your job. You may not need a giant tool box to meet your needs but a correct size box that contains the tools you need.

Go for a small to medium size box to make it your own easy to go tool box. Look for a box that can give you enough space for keeping the tools and carry it easily.

 The Second Step will be to Create Zones for Tools

Now that you have to get your perfect size box, it’s time to place these tools into the box. Make a list of all the mechanic tools that you have.

Now, fall them into categories by their sizes, types, groups such as screwdrivers, wrenches, measuring tools, sockets, striking tools, sizes of hammers etc.

Once done with this category, the next type of sorting tools will be broken tools, duplicates, less necessary tools. Even selecting these tools cannot be easy as every tool have their own specific functions.

The Third Step is to set them in order

Set all the tools in order so they can have their own preferable space. Make sure you put them in the box to leave enough space so the tools may not be in a serried position.

For this, you can purchase a universal hard plastic toolbox- organizer tray or a pre-formed, CNG cut foam insert as these contain huge space for your tools.

You can also build one according to your taste and need with Pegboard Backing. This may be a smarter and easier way of organizing tools.

The fourth step will be cleaning the Tools    

Check tools properly if they are in order or not. You may need to fix some faulty tools if necessary.

After examining all the tools, clean them with some rag and put some paint thinner to scrub grease off your tools. Ensure every tool is still in working order, free of rust, dirt, and other imperfections.

Check that all the socket wrenches still have well-greased action and good motion; adjustable wrenches still adjust well.

The fifth Step would be to Get Rid of Junks

Well, after the previous examination of tools, throw out the junks. You must create the best use of your tool box by throwing out these unnecessary and broken things that are blocking space for your important tools.

Get rid of the tools that are broken, rusted or beyond easy repair. You may not waste your precious time and energy over these junks.

Sixth Step for Organizing the best tool box

Organized commonly used tools in a Mobile Workbench. These will be helpful for DIY projects that you plan to do at your home.

This workbench includes ample hanging storage for power tools and space for storing larger tools such as air compressors. Keep your tool box set storage spacious by placing them nicely.

Next Step for Tool Organizing

Some tools may not be necessary for every purpose; even these tools may come in awkward sizes and shapes.

These tools may cause a difficult situation in your tools box. The best way to solve this is to throw them away. Organize these awkward size items separately.

Keep all Nuts and Bolts Properly

Keep nuts and bolts in a proper order may save your time along ease your workload. Create space in your tool box for keeping these miscellaneous items.

For keeping these things clear, mason jars will be perfect though you need to be careful about keeping these jars in a suitable place in tool box.

Why You Need to Organize tool box with tools?

Tool organization is extremely beneficial, be it for some professional workers who keep their own mechanic tools at home. In-fact, Tool organization is more necessary for someone having his own mechanic tool kit.

A well-organized tools box can save a huge amount of time while performing tasks at home or outside the home.

In the case of professionals, when tools are not well organized, they waste plenty of time looking for them or asking for extra money to buy them. This will surely cause trouble for you as it will expand your budget.

Final Words:

If you have a well-balanced, organized tool kit at your home, you may fix the fault by yourself. Even in case of an emergency, if you need professionals’ help, you can save some money by providing the required tools.

It will ensure their customers’ satisfaction, save their work time and energy, and enable them to do more works in a limited time.

Therefore, you truly need to organize your tools kit. The more perfect your tool box will be, the more your work will be easy.