How to cut wire without wire cutters?

Wire cutter is an essential tool for electric works, particularly for cutting wires. It makes us easy to cut the wires but also ensures safety while working. You may all know about many of the wire cutters and how to use them while cutting electric wires.

But what is the solution to cut the wire when you do not have any wire cutter with you? You may get confused and may stop your work. But no need to worry; we have found some solutions for you that will help you cut the wire without a wire cutter. Read the below content and know different ways that will make you able to cut the wire without a wire cutter and make your electric jobs smooth.

What are the simplest ways to cut the wire without a wire cutter?

Here are some simple techniques that make you able to cut the wires efficiently without a wire cutter. Lets’ discuss the details of how to cut thick wire without a wire cutter.

  1. Bend and Cut the wires

If you are working with a thin wire, it is the best way to cut the wire by bending it. You can easily cut the wire by bending the wire. It is pretty easy to cut the wires by bending them forth and back until you cut the wire.

But when your wire is thicker or covered with thick plastic, this method will not work. It would help if you kept in mind that you need to continue and fast forth and bending repetition to break the wires. But when you apply that method, it will affect the wire near the breaking point.

  1. Cut wire by Tin Snips

Here is another way to cut the wires without a wire cutter to use Tin snips to cut the wires instead of the wire cutter. You may know about Tin snips that have two sharp blades that are more than 8 inches longer. Tin snips develop to cut the thin metal sheets and cut the softer wires such as copper.

But you can also use it to cut any metal wire with Tin snips. It is pretty easy to use tin snips to cut the wire. Open Snips handles and then position the wire between tin snips blades. In the end, close the handle by applying force. Apply quick pressure; it will easily cut the wire. You may need to use force three to four times.

  1. Cut the wires with a reciprocating Saw.

You may know many uses of a hacksaw, but if you do not have a wire cutter while working with electric wires, then a hacksaw can help you cut the wires. You may face some difficulty in cutting the thicker wires, but it can easily cut the thinner diameters’ wires.

The best way to cut the wires with a hacksaw is to move the saw forth and back quickly. It may damage some portion of the wire near the cutting point, but it will quickly break the wire. You may find several hacksaw sizes to use, but if you have a medium size saw, it will better perform than smaller and larger size hacksaw.

  1. Use Angle Grinder to cut wire.

It is a standard tool that every electrician has an angle grinder with them. It would help if you did not use the angle grinder to cut wires, but when you do not have a wire cutter, then an angle grinder can help you cut the cables.

Angles grinder has circular disks containing cutting blade that rotate too fast, and when it applies on the wires or any metal surface, it cut them quickly. It also provides you with the opportunity to use soft brushes to work deeper in thicker wires.

What should you not use?

You may also think that scissors and nail clippers can also cut the wires, but we will not recommend using them. They are risky to cut the cables, especially when electricity is running from the wire. Your nail clippers and scissors will also become dull if you use them to cut the wires. So try to use any of the above tools instead of scissors or nail clippers.

Final Thoughts

There you have the details about how to cut electrical wire without wire cutters. Wire cutters are excellent tools to cut the wires, but sometimes we do not have a wire cutter with us, then some simple tools can help us cut the wires. We have also shared four simple ways to cut the wires.