9 Best Multimeter Test Leads Kits For Professionals in 2021

It’ll be a total waste of time and entirely inadvisable to spend much money on buying a quality multimeter only to connect it to a crappy set of wire for test leads. Apart from the fact that a poorly made wire for test lead is a waste of money, it also exposes users to hazards. Conversely, the best wire for test leads is a direct opposite of what poor-made products is.

They are usually durable, appropriately insulated, and comes with more than enough length to make jobs easily done. In this article, we have gathered the top nine wire for test leads based on thorough inspection, and we hope you’ll find every one of them useful. With that, we go straight into the reviews.

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Top Rated Wire For Test Leads


  1. Fluke Multimeter Test Leads

Fluke TL175 Twistguard Test Leads, 2 mm Diameter Probe Tips

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The Fluke TL175 test leads are a true definition of reliability, accuracy, safety, and affordability. One more feature that sets this product apart is its TwistGuard technology, which allows users to retract or extend the tip shroud, thus making the leads even more versatile. This means, while you can expose as much as you need, the remaining parts of the leads remain shrouded to ensure safety.

Plus, its WearGuard wear indicator comprises two layers of insulation to guarantee at all times. This way, you’ll know when is the right time to replace your leads based on visual inspection. The 56.5inches long leads are certified for CAT III at 1000v, and CAT IV at 600 V. These test leads are not affected by cold and makes the usage very comfortable due to its maximum length. What’s more, the input plugs on the test leads are made to work perfectly with 4 mm banana plugs.


  • 56.5 inches long
  • TwistGuard shroud
  • WearGuard makes wear and tear visible
  • Double insulated silicone leads


  • None (seriously, we couldn’t find anything wrong with them!)

  1. Extech Tl809 Electronic Test Lead Kit

Extech TL809 Electronic Test Lead Kit

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 Are you looking for an 8-piece Professional Test Lead Kit to get your simple electrical testing done? then the Extech Tl809 Electronic Test Lead Kit will greatly suffice. Every necessary accessory has been packed in this kit to give you a comfortable electrical probing. 

The first we noticed is that the leads are covered on three layers with a sealable nylon pouch so as to guarantee safety at all times with a safety rating of 1000V at CAT III. Another crucial feature is its two alligator clips, which also come with removable insulators to keep your jobs in place. Alongside the clip are plunger mini hooks to support the alligator clips in holding jobs tightly.

This kit is highly compatible with almost any meter equipped with shrouded banana input jackets. Plus, it comes with interchangeable probe tips, as well as mini-grabbers, to give a kind of connection that can virtually any electronic testing needs. 


  • Meets New Safety Standards
  • Test leads are reliable and durable
  • Highly compatible with shrouded banana meters
  • Features two alligator clips and mini hooks


  • Warranty is six months, which can be improved


  1. Handskit Multimeter Test Leads and Accessories

Electrical Multimeter Test Leads Set with Alligator Clips Test Hook Test Probes Lead Professional...

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 The next one our list is a test lead made by Handskit. These leads are made out of forty-two copper-core wires, and they’re designed to stand the effect of 10amps currents without any leakage.

These test leads feature nylon insulation, which makes them withstand bending forces without deforming permanently. Besides, the insulation is also covered with an eco-friendly silicone, so that the wire can better withstand changes in temperature than PVC. More reason why it’s got a higher melting point and stays flexible even when cold.

The test leads are rated up to 1000 V at CAT II, so you can be ever sure of safety. Compared to other budget kits, these one comes with a variety of accessories that’ll make the job pretty easy. What’s more, this kit comes with a tweezer probe that allows you to easily take readings tight confines.


  • Affordable
  • Can handle up to 10 amps
  • Double-insulated


  • Poor build quality
  • Stiff insulating covers

  1. Klein Tools Multimeter Test Leads

Replacement Test Lead Set, Right Angle Klein Tools 69410

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 The Klein Tools Multimeter Test Lead is no doubt a budget-friendly piece to consider. The fact that it comes with a lot of intriguing varieties to make the job easier and faster is another reason why customers opt for it. Besides, the Klein Tools have put some much concentration to see that it’s a reliable lead kit for everyone. These leads make use of standard banana inputs, and they are equipped with detachable alligator clips.

The leads themselves are 41 inches long, which is a fair length for an average multimeter lead kits. Plus, these leads are certified for CAT III at 1000 V and CAT IV at 600 V. What’s more, any of the Klein products can fit into any other 

As per the aligator clips, they are to fix since they are screwed on, and can hold on firmly to whatever they’re attached to. The only snag here is that you’ll need to buy other gears separately as the kit doesn’t feature other than the alligator clips.


  • Affordable price
  • Thick, durable wire
  • Compatible with other Klein gear
  • Safety Rated to Category III 1000 V and Category IV 600 V


  • No bells and whistles

  1. Amprobe Extra Long Multimeter Test Leads

Amprobe TL36A Test Leads with Alligator Clips, 1000V

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The Amprobe Extra Long Multimeter Test Leads are durable, reliable, and offer relatively few advantages over the model from Klein Tools. The only reason why this product lost to Klein lead kits is its price. 

It features a pair of threaded probably, two lead wires, and two alligator clips. These clips are 2.67 inches long each, and each of them features a 7.6 mm jaw opening. With the alligator clips, you can now easily attach the probes to a test point rather than to hold them yourself as you would with other kits. 

These test leads are rated up to 1000V at Cat III, and they have been tested to meet the IEC safety standard 61010. The leads are insulated with silicone material so that it can withstand any changes in temperature. Plus, they are usable with standard 4 mm banana clips.


  • Cat III certified at 1000 V
  • Silicone insulation
  • Alligator clips included
  • 2.67-inch extra-long multimeter test leads


  • More expensive than the Klein Tools leads for no improvement


  1. Proster Multimeter Test Leads with Alligator Clips

Proster Copper Banana Plug to Alligator Clip Test Lead 15A 1000V 1m Multimeter Banana Plug...

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The Proster Multimeter Test Leads is one of the cheapest products on our list so far. These leads come with a maximum length of 31 inches, which is a bit on short compared to other products, but it’ll still give enough room to test conveniently.

It features two alligator clips, which makes it easier to hold jobs in place, without having to them yourself. Plus, these clips open up to 9 mm and are certified for a max current of 15 amps. Its 75g of weight tells us that it’s the slightest clips on this list so far.

We have just two downsides to this product. First is that the insulation is made out of plastic, which gets stuff under cold weather. The second downside is the fact that the clips’ insulated cover is as well tricky to adjust.


  • Very affordable
  • Alligator clips open wide
  • Huge 0.8m extra-long multimeter leads


  • Poorly-insulated alligator clips
  • Plastic insulation


  1. Neoteck 8 Pieces Multimeter Test Lead

Neoteck 8 Pieces Multimeter Test Lead, Test Lead with Alligator Clips and Test Probe

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The Neoteck Multimeter Test is another effective product that’s packed with virtually all you need for smooth. Now, testing of digital circuitry’s got easier with this test kit. It combines eight accessories in one kit, that’s a complete kit for basic electronic jobs.  

This test lead provides a safer connection method to trace, check, and capture current, resistance, and as well as voltage. It features 4 inches heavy-duty test probe with durable handles. The handles come with a 0.16 inches banana plug tip each for optimum safety while using it. 

The kit features two alligator clips with removable Insulators to hold jobs perfectly. The maximum opening size of these alligator clips (1.2cm) is a perfect size to get simple physics laboratory testing done. The overall PVC lead extension comes with a maximum length of 32.22inches and shrouded banana plugs at both ends. That length is somewhat small for large electronic testing. But it’s still a great test lead for simple electronic tasks.


  • Feature two alligator clips Heavy-duty probes
  • Lead is insulated with silicone material
  • Kit is complete for simple electronic testing
  • Safety is guaranteed


  • Maximum length is not enough

  1. TestHelper Th-6-Kit Automotive Test Lead Kit

TestHelper TH-6-KIT Automotive Test Lead Kit, Test Probes,Flexible Silicon Back Probe pins,Shielded...

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This kit works just as its name implies-TestHelper Th-6-Kit Automotive Test Lead Kit. It is designed to help users get their simple electronic jobs done. Test Lead Kit comes with a set of interchangeable test probes that are designed for automotive purposes. The test probes are sure to initiate accurate readings for an effective electronic job. 

In the kit, you’ll find flexible back probing pins, which are included to provide quality automotive connections just as observed on fuel injectors as well as MAP sensors. Unlike other product we’ve reviewed so far, this lead kit features large crocodile clips which are effective enough to go as far as clipping battery terminals. 

Now you can easily keep all accessories in an organized manner with its roll-up storage pouch. With that, picking accessories for use comes easier. What’s more, is that the leads are insulated with silicon material for safety and effectiveness under cold weather. 


  • Leads are insulated with silicon
  • Features flexible silicon back probe pins
  • Large crocodile clips clamp job better
  • Storage is more organized


  • None



  1. Universal Enterprises Atl55 Standard Test Leads

Universal Enterprises ATL55 Standard Test Leads

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If there’s one thing anyone could easily fall in love with about this kit, it’s the fact that it can fit into virtual any meter except for fluke meters. The universal enterprise Atl55 test leads are designed for industrial standard multimeters. That is to tell you that there’s more to this test leads than its basic purposes. 

The Universal test lead comes with a maximum length of 42 inches. That’s long enough to give a convenient test task. Another basic feature is the two alligators that screw on perfectly to hold just any job while running your electronic test. Plus, the clips are insulated to ensure safety on usage. 

Overall, The Universal enterprise ATL55 standard test leads comes with a year warranty, which tells more about the fact that it’s a good test lead worth considering.


  • Alligators clips are safe to use
  • Maximum length is 42 inches
  • 1-year warranty
  • It’s an industry-standard test lead


  • Cannot fit into fluke meters


So far, these are the nine-best wire for test leads we have managed to come by based on our research. Anyone of these test leads is convenient to use. Besides, their manufacturers have focused more on ensuring every accessory is user-friendly. 

However, it is important to know the purpose for which you want to use a test lead before buying one as there are some of them that can’t work with fluke meters while some can. Having a basic knowledge of each of these test leads, and your main objective will help you make a perfect pick.

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