Best Label Maker for Electricians – Reviews and Buyers Guide 2020

There comes a time in the daily activities of an electrician where you realize the importance of having the best label maker for electricians. Whether you work in a small electrical industry or a big firm, the importance of a label maker can never be overlooked. It helps to boost your organizing skills by labeling some power adaptor or any electrical devices so that you can easily identify and have access to them when there is a need for the device.


If you are struggling with finding your tools easily amid the bunch you have, a label maker is the best choice for you.


Expert picked best label maker for electricians


1. DYMO Label Maker

The Dymo label maker is undoubtedly one of the reliable makers you should consider. It is handy, portable, and straightforward to use for anyone without hassles. The label maker comes with a computer style system and wide range label in which you have the control to customize to your preferred style. It has six font sizes, eight text styles, four boxes, and over 200 symbols and clips art images embedded in it. With the simply based keyboards on the label marker, you can inscribe any text on the water-resistant DYMO D1 and IND labels in 1/4-, 3/8-, and 1/2-inch widths. For the label maker to work, it requires six AAA batteries which are not included or through the use of AC adapter which as well needs to be purchased separately.

Also, the design integrates clear easy to read LCD screen to see whatever you are typing through the keyboard.


  • Keeps last memory of printed work
  • Easy to use keyboard for typing
  • Tape roll with the table is included
  • LCD screen for clear visibility
  • Handy, flexible and portable


  • Lacks batteries and AC adapter
  • Plastic body and can break if it falls
  • Doesn’t connect to a computer
  • Doesn’t print bar code

2. Brother P-touch

Creating a stylish label on any products is easier to do with the use of brother p-touch label maker. The device has one-touch features, which make it easier for anyone to use without stress. It has a secure button which has been used to type on the label maker.

The simple to use label has 14 fonts, ten unique styles, 97 frames, and over 600 symbols you can use on the label. It as well has 27 quick and easy templates with pattern designs which you can simply type in the text you want and then press print.

Also, the label maker is resistant to water, and it is versatile in use for cables and wires, clothes, photo, and any other materials. The label maker can’t work without batteries or an AC adapter. It requires six AAA batteries or AC adapter which should be purchased separately.


  • Large storage memory for about 30 labels
  • Stylish and smooth design
  • Templates of symbols and arts for colorful label
  • Multiple font styles available


  • Batteries and AC adapter purchased separately
  • It has limited tapes
  • Doesn’t print barcodes
  • Not compatible with computers

3. LabelWriter 450 Turbo Direct Thermal Label Printer

The aim of getting a machine is to cover much work in little space of time, and that is what you get from using Label writer 450 turbos direct thermal label printer. The label printer can help you to print 71 labels per minute to help you save time and energy.

The printer can be connected to your computer, which makes it a great maker for printing stylish label, barcodes, and more. It eliminates the need to get extra ink and toner as it has a thermal printing technology system.

If you have large materials to label, you should consider this product to get the work done with the twinkle of an eye. It has a smooth operation, portable, handy, and safe to use for anyone. All that is required to make the printer works optimally is included as well with the manual guide to help through the operation.



  • Adapter, power cable, USB cord all included
  • Print 71 labels in one minute
  • Compatible with PC
  • No need to change ink or tuner
  • Portable, lightweight and handy
  • Print barcodes and stylish graphics
  • Fast printing, right alignment and very good


  • It has no significant setback


4. Brother P-touch Label Maker

The Brother P-touch Label Maker is a flexible style of a maker that allows anyone to create a stylish label for any materials easily. It can be used at home and in offices. It is one of the best to consider for every large demand for product labeling. It has a secure operating system with a fantastic design. It is compact with a color backlit graphics display.

With the use of the handy keyboard, you can quickly type the text you want on the machine while you see from the LCD screen before it is printed out. The label maker makes all kind of labeling job easier for anyone. It comes with long lasting TZe tapes which are resistant to water, grease, fading, abrasion, and heat.

With such a feature, it means you can use the label maker anywhere, but it needs 6 AAA batteries which are not included, but you can use the AC adapter that is included.

Also, it offers a wide range of opportunity for users as it can be connected to your PC print any text or any saved design you have. With all these, it is one of the best choices to consider for all kind of labeling work.


  • Smart, compact design
  • Easy to use the keyboard
  • Flexible and portable
  • Compatible with PC
  • AC adapter is included for charging
  • Quality Color and high resolution display
  • Backlit display support


  • Six AAA batteries required and it’s not included


5. Brady BMP21-PLUS-KIT1 Printer Kit

The Brady BMP21-Plus portable handheld label printer makes all labeling job easier to do for all kind of electrical work. It can be used for labeling anything with the help of the easy to operate the system. It is a handy device that can be taken from one place to another without hassles.

The handy printer isn’t complicated as some claim. All you need to do is to drop a label cartridge in the device, type, and print since it has automatic formatting. The text on the device can be printed in 6 different sizes with just a single color.

The handy printer has 70 durable labels with over 100 in-built symbols. It operates on high-quality Li-ION battery which you have to get separately.

For more efficient labeling, the printer has backlit LCD to display all that you input through the letters on the device.


  • Easy operation to make both small and large labels
  • Comes with handheld case for easy movement
  • It has a long lasting memory to store about 100 names
  • Versatile and efficient in any field
  • Handy, lightweight and portable
  • Versatile and efficient in any field
  • Li-Ion Battery and Charger included
  • Quick start guide and AC adapter included


  • Just one single color

6. Brady BMP21-PLUS Handheld Label Printer

The Brady BMP21-PLUS Handheld Label Printer is similar to the label maker above but differs in features. The labels of the portable printer are good as it as well as wraparound cable labels with useful formats.

With the use of the keyboard, you can create clean labels for all your electrical work to make it easier for you to recognize devices such as wires, circuit boards, and panels to mention a few. The keyboard has a letter, and the text imputed will be displayed on the LCD screen when typing.

The display backlight of the printer is beautiful; the design is amazing with wonderful features which make it reliable for all kind of electrical labeling work. This is designed with molded rubber bumpers to withstand impact.

For the printer to work optimally, it requires continuous tape cartridges which you have to purchase separately, and it as well requires six AAA alkaline batteries as the power source.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Wraparound cable labels
  • Easy to operate
  • simple design and settings
  • Handy keyboard to type on labels


  • The rechargeable battery option is expensive


7. DYMO Industrial Label Maker

The DYMO Industrial Label Maker has unusual one-touch hotkeys which help you, and patch panels, terminals, and 110 blocks, cable flags, terminals and it has both horizontal and vertical wraps.

The label maker comes with Rhino Industrial 5200 Label Maker, 3/4″ White IND Vinyl Label Cartridge, and 3/8″ White IND Vinyl Label Cartridge. It as well has user manual CD-ROM, which makes it easier for anyone to install and operate.

It comes with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, hard case to protect the label maker and it offers wide range operation as it has no restriction to its use. The printer uses DYMO industrial labels is compatible with chemical heat and UV resistant materials.



  • A carry case for device protection is included
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Effective with making both small and large labels
  • Ample memory to store up to 100 texts


  • Has just one single display color


8. Brother P-touch PTH110

Do you need a label maker to personalize your labels with all kind of stylish style and color, the Brother P-touch PTH110 is the right choice for you. The label maker comes with three fonts with five patterns, 14 frames, and over 250 symbols. It is one of the best for home and industrial labeling work.

It appears to have extra strength adhesive tape, flexible cable tape and fabric iron on tape. The label maker has a simple design with all keys and buttons written on it. You have to type with the keyboard, choose the style and color then print.

It is one of the handy label makers that can be used for large labeling work as it is straightforward and effortless to use for anyone. If you have both small label and big labels with stylish and alluring designs, you should consider this above the rest.


  • Handy and safe to use
  • It has a flexible design
  • smooth operation
  • Text can be printed in many colors


  • Less quality tapes
  • Battery problem
  • The LCD is very small
  • Not compatible with PC


Best label maker for electrician’s buyer’s guide

There are some factors or essential things that need to be considered when buying a label maker for all your electrical works.

AC adapter or Rechargeable batteries: Label maker can only be powered either by the two options. Using batteries for label maker will lead to loss of money because it consumes energy to operate optimally, which is why you should consider getting anyone with battery rechargeable option or AC adapter.

LCD Screen: IT is very important that you see what you are typing clearly before you go ahead to print. The LCD screen eliminates all chances of making a mistake as you can see the typed text clearly before you print the label.

Memory storage:  Not all labels have this feature. If you get a label with this feature, it means it can recall the last label and some other previous text which you can go ahead to print without having to type all over again.

PC compatibility: If you are a getting a label for industry purpose or business, you should opt for the one that is compatible with PC. It makes labeling work more comfortable to do without stress, even if you have much labeling work to do.

Automatic label cutter:  If you have labeling workload to do, you should consider the one with automatic label cutter because it helps you to cut the label immediately it is printed.



Choosing the best label maker for an electrician is the right choice if you have materials that you need to label for easy recognition and organization. It makes it easier for you to recognize and pick up some materials required for any task.

The label maker can be used to ascribe name on materials such as wire, cables, circuit, and many more to mention a few. If indeed you desire to be organized with sorting materials easily, you need a label maker as your companion.


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